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People can volunteer in a variety of ways:
There are opportunities to work directly with individuals or to help us with our programing. Volunteering can be as simple as sharing a meal, or playing a game with a person in one of our homes. 
We can also use help working in our office, and answering phones. 

TLC also accepts a limited number of individuals as interns to fulfill college credit. All volunteers will be interviewed to determine the best fit for them and the program. All volunteers will also receive an orientation to their duties and working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
Working with Individuals

Volunteering with a person in service in one of our homes: We are looking for individuals who will meet with a resident on a regular basis. For example people can take an individual fishing, bowling, to the movies, or any event that the two people have an interest in. After a while these same volunteers may want to spend more time with individuals because they have formed friendships and invite the person to spend a holiday meal with them. Volunteers working with residents will need to complete various clearances prior to beginning. These include:
  • State Police
  • Driving Record
  • FBI clearances in you have lived outside of the State for any period of time within the last two years.
Volunteer in our Office
We can use people that will answer phones, greet visitors, and help with copies and presentations.

Internships with Typical Life Corporation are a competitive process. Graduate or undergraduate students interested in an internship with TLC must complete the volunteer application. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. If you have any questions about possibilities contact Sarah Woomer, Operational Assistant.
Volunteer Application Form
If you are interested in volunteering with Typical Life Corporation please complete this online form.

Contact Us

Family Member of a person in Service
Other Professional
Support the Organization
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As a volunteer I would like to be kept informed of important news, schedules, and volunteer opportunities by email.
I understand that after submitting this application I must still meet with TLC staff for an interview and determine the best fit me and either another person, people, or working in the office.
Experience working with individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability
Proficient in Word
Proficient in Excel
Marketing Experience
Proficient in PowerPoint
Proficient in Excel
Experience in landscaping
Experience in construction
Adobe Photoshop
Facilities/ Landscaping/Gardening
Human Resources
For more information, contact Kim Zeltwanger, Director of Human Resources.
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